2018 Favorites!

Can you believe it’s that time of year already! 2018 is over. Like wow! I’ve had a pretty decent year with some ups and downs and I’m ready to see what 2019 has in store for me!

I have about one item per category some has a little more. But I’m excited!

Primers: MUF Smoothing Primer, Smashbox Primer Water

I use these both almost everyday! I usually mix in some sort of hydrating primer if needed but I really enjoy this combo.

Foundation: Maybelline Super Stay

Drugstore foundations killed it this year! This one was my favorite. Currently I’m moving towards less coverage and more dewy but for the most part I always reached for this on foundation days! Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape

I don’t know if I have talked about this last year. But it’s still my ride or die! I’ve been trying a few different ones out and I will continue to. But I think this will always be there.

Powder: Maybelline Fit Me Lose Powder

I love this! It isn’t dry, it has some coverage and it’s drugstore! If you haven’t tried this, and you enjoy lose powders I suggest trying this out.

Bronzer-Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

When I was looking through my bronzer collection I couldn’t find one I reached for everyday. But I did really love this one so let’s say this one!

Blush: Tarte Blush in Concept

This is just so long lasting! In 2019 I’m trying out more shades in this for sure!

Highlight- Smashbox Spotlight and ABH Amerizy

On day to day use Smashbox was my favorite and I hit pans on two of the three shades. Right now I’m to light for the ABH one but during the summer or when I have a tan this is just so beautiful and bright!

Eyeshadow: A lot 😬I couldn’t pick just one. When I thought about what eyeshadows I wanted to talk about, these are what I thought of. What I grabbed for daily, or what I wanted to travel with. So I have 4 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I’m so excited to try more this year!

Brows-ABH Brow Definer

This is all I really ever use. My eyebrows are in a bad spot right now, and still this works! I use the shade chocolate

Lashes: Benefit Rollar Lash

I tried so many mascaras this year. And I also started to dip into fake lashes! But I always find myself going back to this. So it’s a favorite!

Lips: Buxom Lip Cream

I’m not much of a lip person. I really try but I can’t for some reason. But a light gloss is always my thing. And these are just the best!

These are my year favorites! If you have a favorite post please link them, I want to read them 😊

I now have 2019 goals! Help me reach them because 2018 was a bust..




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