Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions

A while ago I reviewed Hudas Smokey obsession palette, and if I remember right I really liked it! So I bought another one… and honestly I’m a little disappointed.

So let’s discuss it. I bought the Mauve one because I have a ton of warm shadows already and I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of the super colorful ones.

Let’s start with so swatches!

Finger swatches of the whole palette.

Brush swatches of the matte shades

Brush swatches of shimmers

Brush swatches of shimmers with Fix+

I’ve used all these shades on a few different looks. Here’s one

So while I was using these they took a lot to build up. Which isn’t bad but it took a lot and the smokey one didn’t do that. They blended well. But the colors kind of all blended into one. I don’t know if it’s because they’re similar.

I just didn’t love this and I’m kind of disappointed. These are 27 dollars which isn’t that bad.

Maybe try this for yourself. But the smokey one was great this one is okay.

But anyway thanks for reading!

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