ABH/Hush Dupe Alert??

Hi guys! I posted on Instagram that I bought some makeup from Hush. I forgot I bought this high light palette from Beauty Creations and didn’t know it was a knock of the ABH That Glow palette. It may be the same colors but is it as good? I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Here’s a side by side

Swatches of BC Scandalous Glow

Swatches of ABH That Glow

Side by side swatches

I also put one on one side of my face and one on the other

Scandalous Glow


So this is what I think. Scandalous Glow is a good palette. They are very similar but this has a lot more glitter then ABH which is more of just a sheen. I like ABH a lot better but for the price Beauty Creations is good!

I didn’t know this was an exact knock off, and honestly sometimes I don’t want to support that. But it’s hard when I can’t afford the real thing sometimes.

What’s your opinion on makeup knock offs?

Help me reach my January goals!




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