Another dupe or knock off?

This is part two of the three part series I have from when I bought from Hush. This time I’m talking about the Aura eyeshadow palette from Bad Habit. It’s suppose to be a dupe of the ABH Prism palette.

I don’t have that palette but I have 3 other eye shadow palettes from ABH. I used the Aura palette for about a week to see if I liked it. These are my thoughts

I just did some finger swatches

The black broke I don’t know how. But that’s okay. But these swatches look great. It preforming on the eye though. Not my favorite. The mattes are okay but the shimmers are hard to work with and blend.

Like I said I don’t have prism but I found the closest dupes from the other 3 I have.

Honestly I’m not a fan of this. But for the price it works! From what I can tell, not a dupe it’s a knock off. I wish it worked out more then it did. But ya know this is what happens

Have you bought from Hush? What are your thoughts?

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