Huda Beauty Dupe??

This is the last of my three part series! Read the first two now 😊

ABH Highlight Dupe

ABH Shadow Dupe

If you didn’t read any of the other two I made a Hush purchase. Which is a knock off site, and you can find “dupes” so I bought a huda Beauty Dupe!

Bad Habit After Dark

So I went of vacation and this is all I bought with me. So they blended well, not the best but well. It’s very warm and every time I used it my mom told me my eyes looked to orange. But hey it is what it is. The colors do blend together a little and get choppy but you can make it work for sure.

Huda Beauty Obsessions

I just picked 3 from each palette to swatch. The smokey one is GREAT. The Mauve one just doesn’t have the pigment. I did a whole review on the Mauve one of you want more info.

When I compare the two, the bad habit one is just as good as. Compared to the smokey, the smokey is a 10 and the bad habit is a 6. But over all, if you can’t afford the real ones, this huda Dupe is worth the money! Which is more then I can say for the last eyeshadow palette.

If you want to check out the Hush app, I think you should. Will I purchase from it again… I’m not to sure. I feel bad when company’s get ripped off and honestly they aren’t as good in my opinion. But to save some money, it’s a win.

If you have bought from the Hush app you should let me know! I want to hear your opinions.

Help me reach my February goals!




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