Testing some new highlights!

Hey guys. So during my 2018 project pan I got rid a lot of highlights. So that means buying a bunch of new ones right? Right! I don’t know if these are new new but they’re new to me.

Flower Beauty Trio

This is blinding! Like wow. If you want something bright and cheep this is for you. I like to mix these and you can have endless high light options im wearing it today so here’s a lil picture of me wearing it.

Ofra Star Island

This is very blinding as well. Almost a little to much for me. Like it just doesn’t look good on my face all the time. But if your very fair like me this is great for you!

Morphe Extra

This is to golden for me, but it can be very pretty. I use this as my “gym highlight” so like when I’m not wearing makeup but I need a glow this works well.

Essence Be My Highlight

I got this because Kathleenlights use to rave about it. This is a good app over glow highlight. Like by itself it works but like if you feel a little dry and want a glow take a puffy brush and sweep this across your face and bam!

If you have any favorite highlighters let me know! Thanks for reading ❤️

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