MOTD: Teaching Interview

If you don’t know, I have a degree in early childhood education. I currently work with kids, but I’m ready to start looking at what’s out there.

So I had an interview at a headstart on this rainy day and decided I would share the makeup that I wore. It’s simple, personally I don’t think you should wear crazy makeup to this type of interview. So this is what I did 😊

Again my brows and lashes and all that stays the same so it’s not mentioned here.


Yes I know my brush is taped. I can’t afford new brushes I’m sorry. I used the first two in the first row in my crease on the lore fluffy brush. Then with the more dense brush I applied the deeper shade also in my crease just a little lower. I mixed all 3 on the pencil brush for my lower lash line.


I mixed these two foundations, one for the coverage and the other for the glow. That way I had more of a natural look. Then I applied shape tape to my high points.

I set my whole face with a light layer of this Revolution powder

I applied a light layer of the Too Faced bronzer all over and contoured with the Tarte shade. For a simple blush I mixed the first two together.

I wanted to apply Highlight but I didn’t want to look crazy like I normally do. So I mixed the first two and applied it to my highlight areas. I also used the first shade and my inner corner and brow bone highlights because the shades in the Jaclyn Hill palette are so bright.

I then set everything with my hangover spray for again a glowing fresh look!

I also wanted to include my outfit that I wore

Excuse the lighting in everything it was very early and raining this day.

The interview went well, but for personal reasons I’m not taking the job.

Thanks for reading!

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