Flower Beauty Light Illusion Conclear

So I’ve been testing out different conclears, because on a daily basis that’s all I wear. I heard good things about this one from flower beauty so I decided to grab some from ulta.

I grabbed fair and light. Fair for everyday and light for when I self tan and it fades.

I’m trying something new with pictures so bare with me!

So I would say this is a pretty full coverage more matte concealer. It’s not too matte though it’s not drying. But I wouldn’t say it’s dewy or natural by any means. Powder and bronzer and everything goes over it well and it doesn’t last a long time! I usually have makeup on 8-11 hours and this can hold up until about that 8 hour mark.

The left swatch is fair and the right is light. My only issue is that if you’re very fair there is no shade for you. I feel as if it’s a dark fair, but for me it works. But I wanted to show you what it looks like to tape shape

Obviously shape take is a lot more fair and light. It’s not as full coverage as shape tape but pretty close! I do not like the packaging. It’s to square and uncomfortable to open. That’s my main problem with it.

But I would give it a 8/10. I love it! For work it’s great 😊 good coverage, good price and good lasting power.

If you can find your shade I would say try it! Thanks for reading ❤️

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