Makeup Empties May 2019

I’ve got great products in this post so sorry it’s a little long! But I promise but it’s worth it.

Too Faced HangoverX Spray

This is the smaller size, but I do like this! I forget how much I like it until I use it again. It doesn’t mean prolong too much, but it’s very hydrating and really melts your makeup together.

Milani Make it Last

This used to be my fav…. but idk what happened to it. The last two times I got this the mist is horrible. So I’m not going to get this anymore

Morphe Prep and Set

I’m not a Morphe fan, BUT I WILL BUY THIS OVER AND OVER. Okay, it’s great. This mist is the best. It does help prolong my makeup as well. If urban decay put their all-nighter in a mist like this, it would be unstoppable!

MUF Smoothing Primer

Again this was the best. But I don’t know how I feel about this anymore. I don’t think it’s doing much for my pores. So if you have a favorite smoothing primer let me know! I’m in the search for one

Too Faced HangoverX Primer

I will always go back to this. I’m using a new one right now. It’s so hydrating and it does get tacky, and it helps my makeup stick to my face.

Maybelline Better Skin Conclear

I like this. But it’s not super full coverage, and I’m just in the mood to test new concealers as you’ll see in this post.

Revolution conceal and Define

This has great coverage! But on my skin, it is a little dry. But maybe for a summer concealer, I might get this again.

Tarte Shape Tape

This will always be my number 1! I will get this over and over again. Even if I am testing out new concealer

Tarte Creaseless Concealer

This is good! It’s very natural/dewy. I do have to set this. But I would get this again

Maybelline Fit Me Powder

I do really like this but I’ve noticed I like more just translucent powders instead of ones with color. But I do have one I’m using now.

Laura Mercier Powder

I just ordered a new one 😊

Urban Decay Primer Potion

This was a sample. I loved it, so I bought the full size. And the packaging on the full size is horrible, so I will not get this again.

Smashbox Lid Primer

This was good. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember too much how I feel.

L’Oréal Clear Brow Gel

DO NOT GET THIS. Yes, it sets your brow, but after a few hours it dries and clumps up in your brows, and you’re brows flake off. It’s gross

Colourpop Brow Gel

I just bought another one. It’s white, so you have to be careful, but if you want your brows to stay put all day get this! And it’s like six bucks.

Benefit Gemme Brow

I got this in 4.5. I’ve never seen 4.5 in the states, but I bought this in Ireland. But this is great. All day, good coverage. I like this!

ABH Brow Definer

I will buy this till the end of time. That’s all 🤷🏻‍♀️

IT Superhero Mascara

This was a sample. It was good. Would I buy it? No?

Ardell Demi Wispies

I usually get the 110 I think, but these were good. I’m not a big lash person, but I like to play around with them here and there.

Tarte Park Ave Bronzer

This is a shimmer bronzer, but I did like it! But bronzer is something I just love to test new ones.
Okay we’re done! If you made it this far thanks ❤️

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