All about Setting Spray (My Favorites)

I asked on my Instagram story(justjess.96) if anyone wanted to see a post about setting sprays. And a few people said yes. I was gonna do it anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️

So of course these are just the ones I’ve used and tested out. There a 1000 setting sprays out there, so just tell them until you find one for you skin. Because I can’t live without sprays!

My favorite for priming

These are some of the sprays I use before I apply foundation. Primer water and B6 help my foundation stick and make it last I think. Fix+ really helps with hydration

Sprays for longer lasting makeup

The Morphe one I think is the best for long lasting. All nighter is a good choice as well. I just always use way to much of the Morphe because of the myst! It’s amazing. Fix+ can help a little bit, but it’s great for melting into the skin.

Dewy sprays

I like a good glow. If you’re more of a matte person I would stay away from these two. But for me there my all time favorites.

Others(I haven’t used yet, used but not in my collection)

I grabbed this because I thought it looked cute but I haven’t opened it yet. I feel like it will be a good primer spray though.

This was a good refreshing spray. It is a little dewy, and good and melting powders. But I do not think it pro longs your makeup. I liked it if I ever looked dry throughout the day this was always a good fixer.

This isn’t worth it. Get all nighter in my option. It is very cooling and feels good but that’s kind of it. I never noticed it pro long or make my face look glowy so, I have used it but I don’t love it

I used to LOVE this. It really prolongs your makeup and sets it in place. But then I heard how much alcohol is in it and I stopped using it. Alcohol dries out your skin and makes it age faster. Also the last one I bought the sprayer broke and just sent streams of water at it and made my makeup drip off. So it’s a good drugstore option just know it does have that alcohol in it.

If you have favorite sprays for anything leave them in the comments because I honestly want to try them all!

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