Juvias Place Eyeshadows

It’s been a while since I’ve tested out new eyeshadows. I’ve been panning all the ones I have but this little palette was 10 dollars at Ulta and I had to try it out. Here’s my thoughts.

Finger Swatches

Brush swatches

Brush swatches with Fix+

These to me are a little rough the blend. But the pigment is there and you can build it up. Because they are harder to blend for me I have to set my eye primer with powder or a cream color eyeshadow. I’ve never tried anything else from Juvias Place but I didn’t fall in love with these. They’re good and you get 6 shades for 10 dollars. It’s worth it to me. If you have any reviews on their products link them in the comments I would love to get more info about them!

Here’s a look I did today with all the matters and the pinkish shimmer.

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