ABH New Foundation Review

I know I’m so late to the game. I bought this THE DAY it came out and I’m just getting my review up. I’m just so busy lately I never have time to sit down and write. I praise all the bloggers with full time jobs who blog regularly. You guys are hero’s.

But anyway I’m still gonna talk about it! So here’s my review!

I bought the shade 140N. For now it’s good but I know in the winter is going too dark. But I’ll make it work .

I was gonna do a wear test but I forgot to take update pictures so this is just a review. It claimed to last 24 hours and be a medium dewy finish. Here’s it on me!

No foundation (yes I do my brows and eyes first bare with the crazy 😅)

Half my face done

Full face foundation

My finished look for the day

Coverage wise I like this foundation! I say it’s medium to buildable. It stays pretty glowy after you even set it with powder. This foundation is GLOWY. If you don’t like a glow or have oily skin I would pass on this. Very shiny.

It does last I would say all day. I didn’t test it for 24 hours but I only wear makeup usually 4-5 hours 9-10 on a long day. But it does last. I think it’s worth it and I love it 😊

It’s glowy, powder products sit well on top and it has good coverage. For a dry girl like me this is a great foundation!

If you’ve tried let me know what you think I would love to know!

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