Makeup Empties Sept 2019

Another round of makeup empties! I’m doing it just a tiny different because I grouped stuff together instead of just taking single pictures.

I would get all of these again, no lie. I love makeup sprays 😅

I’m using up my Becca Primer and I’ll probably get this again after. It’s my holy grail.

There’s just so many bronzers I want to try, but this was such an amazing bronzer and I highly recommend it! Plus it’s drugstore.

I think this is my new favorite brow gel 🙂 every other one I try I don’t love as much as this one.

I wouldn’t get the Becca powder again but I will definitely get the Too Faced one again. I think it’s my new favorite powder.

These are both good but I think I’m over Benefit mascaras. So if you have a favorite mascara let me know what it is!

I liked this foundation but lately I’ve loved dewy/natural finish foundations so this isn’t on the list to re buy.

I love this Flower Beauty concealer so much. They’re both great! It just depends on what you’re looking for.

That’s what I have! Thanks for reading ❤️

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