Brow Wiz Review

For the longest time I’ve been a brow definer lover. It’s all I used on my brows. But whenever I loved someone’s brows they said they used ABH Brow Wiz. So I grabbed one and I’ve been using it!
When I first started using it my boyfriend said he liked my brows better that they looked my natural than usual.
Keep in mind, my brows have had a bad waxing experience so they look a little crazy.

Here’s my natural brows.

Here’s them filled in with the brow wiz. And my makeup is finished as well.

When it comes to brow wiz v brow definer. The wiz takes longer but gives that more natural fluffy brow look. The definer is quicker but gives more of a very full brow look. I don’t know what one I’m going to buy next. But I really like the brow wiz!

What’s your favorite brow product? I love pencils!

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