Fall SHEIN haul

If you remember a few months back I did sort of like a spring haul from them. I was testing out their clothes and I decided it was time to test out some of the fall ones! This post is going to be all over the place though.

RibNit 3 pack bra set 17.00

These are super comfy and super stretchy! So far I love these. They are one size only so if you have a bigger chest you might hate these.

2 pack lace bra set 8.00

These aren’t as stretchy. They’re a little tight and hard to put on and off but I think I can deal with it. The back is super cute

Drop shoulder sweater 18.00

I got this in a size large for the big sweater feel. I love this so much already. I might be a little scared to wash it but hopefully it survives!

Drawstring pouch hoodie 19.00

I bought this is a medium. It fits but the materiel is very stiff and uncomfortable. And it’s not a real drawstring you can’t pull it to make it tighter and that’s why I bought it. So I don’t know about this one yet, hopefully after a wash it’s softer.

Striped High Low Hoodie 11.00

I was so excited for this and I hate it. It has zero strech it looks horrible on me. I’m gonna have to give this one away. I got it in a medium and maybe I should have done a large I’m not to sure.

Round Neck Hoodie 13.00

I like this. It’s very basic. Again it has no stretch but for a basic day I think it’s good. I also got this in a large.

Ripped hoodie 9.99

This is a lot more cropped then I thought and it also very see threw. Like you can see everything. So I don’t know where I’m gonna wear it, but I hope I can wear it somewhere. I bought this is a large.

USA Cropped Graphic 9.00

This isn’t as soft as I would like but I do love how this looks. I got it in a size large and it does have that baggy feeling and I love it.

That’s all I have! I don’t know how to feel about this order. I had a coupon so it was all 80 dollars. Do you like SHEIN? Let me know.

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