Colourpop Yes Please and More Thoughts and Review

So I bought a few things from Colourpop and I wanted to talk about them. That star if this show is this Yes Please Eyeshadow Palette . But I grabbed a few other things I just thought I’d talk about as well.

Finger Swatches

Brush Swatches

Fix+ Swatches

I really like this eyeshadows! The only color I haven’t used was Chaffuer. It just doesn’t appeal to me. But I like the pinks and the yellow in this pallete. Spoiled is my favorite things ever. I think Colourpop shadows are always worth the money! Very bendable. Sometimes I need to build up the mattes but that’s about it. The shimmers don’t even need Fix+ in my opinion but it’s always fun to play with.

Here’s some looks I created with this palletI think the last one has to be my favorite though. You can create so many different types of looks with these eyeshadow. I highly recommend it if you don’t have it and like warm tones!

A few other things I’ve been enjoying from Colourpop is there So Juicy lipgloss and Remedy serum. I want like every color is the so juicy glosses they’re just that great!

I just fall in love more and more with Colourpop every time I buy from them. I just can never keep up with all their launches.

Let me know your favorite Colourpop item.

I’m also giving away a new Colourpop Eyeshadow Palette here! Go enter now😊

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