Going Coconuts By Colourpop

Hi guys! So I’ve recently picked up a few items from one of the newer collections from Colourpop. The going coconut one! I was very intrigued by this collection and I haven’t felt the want to buy something this bad in a long time.

I purchased the eyeshadow pallete with a bundle with two lip products. I wanted the lighter bronzer but it was sold out when I bought them 🤷🏻‍♀️

This isn’t really a review but more of just talking about the product. I’ve reviewed Colourpop shadows before so need to do it again.

One look I created(inspired by RawBeautyKristi)

My left eye has been swollen and red for two days so ignore if you can see that. But this is going to be my new travel pallete for sure! It has a mirror which I love. I like their cardboard packaging better but this is still cute but my clasp is broken I think. I highly highly enjoy the just a tint lip products. It’s the perfect amount of color for me.

I really do love this collection and how everyday and simple it is, but it’s not orange. I’m over the warm palettes I have to many of them so this is the perfect need/want for me right now!

Did you pick up anything for this collection or the other new launches from Colourpop?

I can’t keep up with them! Every time I buy something from them I end up seeing something new 😅

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