LA Girl Color Correctors

Hi guys! I’ve been dealing with some major skin issues and I thought it was time to try some color correctors out. Some days my redness is out of control and my dark circles can get a little too dark. So I thought I’d start with some drugstore ones.

So I’m gonna start by talking about the green one. It’s very green! If you’re going to use it you need full coverage on top of it, which for me beats the purpose of a color corrector. So unless it’s on areas that I conceal I don’t worry about it to much because I like more of medium coverage foundation. If it is very red I will add some extra coverage on top of the green if needed.

The peach one I love! It’s good for my under eyes and my skin tone. I do think they have a darker one for darker skin as well (don’t quote me) but it really hides my dark circles, and makes my under eyes looks brighter. With this, I would say you can get away with medium coverage as well on top of it because it’s not too much color.

The formula is a little dry. So right now in the winter it can be to dry for me, but I can usually get it to work but I have to blend it out with a sponge a brush just won’t do it for me. I’ve tried a few different brushes and I need a damp sponge no matter what on my skin. If you have more oily skin you may be okay but I don’t know.

I would give these a 6.5/10. I would buy the peach one again but not the green one. My skin is slowly getting better so I don’t even find myself reaching for the green one anyway but if you have very red skin maybe you’d like it, mine is more patches on my cheeks and chin. The peach one is also good for dark spots like acne scars if you have anything like that. I do really enjoy the peach colored one!

What’s your favorite color corrector? Let me know so maybe I can check them out 😊

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