The End of Project Pan 2019

Here’s my final update on my project pan items. If you follow me you’d know I did 3 items in 3 months. I don’t wear makeup everyday so it’s hard to pan them but I did my best.

Here is the first look of the item linked!

I’m getting rid a of a bunch of makeup so stay tuned for that, but that is why I try to pan items is so I use them as much as possible before I have to get rid of them. But here’s the 3 items from October until now

I did a little bit of work. I would have liked a little more in the Huda eyeshadows but I tried! Also the blushes, but I got the bronzer pretty well.

Makeup I’m getting rid of coming soon so keep an eye out! I’m trying to think for 2020 if I want to keep doing 3 items in 3 months or trying something new.

If you’re a makeup panner let me know how you do it so I can get some ideas. Thanks ❤️

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Also hope everyone had an amazing New Years even if you sat at home like me! Here’s to a new year and some new blog posts!

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