Makeup I’m getting rid of this year! 2020

Okay before I get any hate if I do, 99% of this makeup is beyond its expiration date. I bought most of these items in 2017, most makeup expires in 12 months. So I’m not just “throwing it away because I can” I honestly don’t want to. But I’m working on less clutter and holding on to things this year and also my skin. And getting rid of old makeup is something I think everyone (if you can afford it) should do.

I’ve talked about this before to, I am moving and I don’t wanna take anything I don’t have to with me. It’s a long move so I need to de clutter and I’m starting with makeup.

If you see numbers written on the products I started writing when I bought my makeup so know when it expires. Sorry if it looks funny!

Check out lasts years makeup declutter as well!


I love most of these so much! Like want to re purchase love, but there’s so much makeup always coming out I’m trying to hold back and try new things.




That smash is highlighter was my favorite one I ever bought! Let me know what is the best highlight on the market because I do need a new one now!


For some reason I bought powder just to buy powder. I only need like 1-2 powders for me so I’m just not keeping these.



Getting rid of the Cover FX drops kills me a little inside but if you see the blue one it’s gross!

Lip Products

I don’t even wear lip products most days so I’m staying away from buying them this year because I don’t use them! I feel bad getting rid of this many but they’re old and I don’t wear them.

Do you get rid of expired makeup or do you wait until you just use it up? Let me know!

Also stay updated with me on social media!❤️



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